Our Smoky Mt. Virtual Pub Crawl IS LIVE!

In light of recent events of this world we are now STREAMING LIVE SHOWS on the interwebs! These shows can be found in the following places… “Tuatha Dea’s” Facebook page link at https://www.facebook.com/tuatha.dea/ , Our “Tuatha Dea OFFICIAL” youtube page link at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX-Jt7anslNqc1u36BzxYGw and Our Twitch page “tuathadea” link at https://www.twitch.tv/tuathadea Join us on any of these channels or pages SUNDAY NIGHTS AT 7 PM EASTERN TIME to dance, sing or play along with us! We look forward to spending time with you!


That’s right everyone, we have finally created an on-line store for your shopping needs. We’ve just started and will probably add new products so make sure you stay tuned into us in order to be informed as to our new stuffs!!! Check out the store now!!!

Updates and News…

In light of the recent events in the world concerning the COVID 19 Coronavirus there have been a few cancellations in our schedule. From our family to yours PLEASE STAY SAFE AND TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. If you can stay home then do. If you can’t please take the proper precautions to keep yourself and others safe out there.

CANCELLATIONS: Knoxville St. Patrick’s Day parade, Saturday March 14th, Tuesday March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Pipes, HardRock Cafe Pigeon Forge, Friday-Sunday April 3-5 Tartan Day South Cayce SC, Texas Irish Festival May 1-3 and Montauk Music Festival May 14th-17th. Morganton TGIF June 19th, Taste of Scotland June 20th, Mystic South Conference July 17th – 19th, Virginia Highland Games July 25th, Celtic Festival and Gathering of the Clans August 21st – 22nd.

POSTMONMENTS: April 17th-19th CMA Texas has been postponed to the October 15th through 18th festival.

AGAIN… Stay healthy, Stay indoors unless you have to go out then please take the correct precautions to do so. We would love to keep seeing you all!!

Please stay tuned for more updates!

Thank you from Tuatha Dea


We’re excited to officially announce the latest label project signing. After a couple years of planning and discussion, Tuatha Dea and Sound Biscuit are ready to collectively put our efforts together to create something amazing. This ain’t elevator music folks. Hard driving mix of Americana/Rock with a little Appalachian Celtic thrown in and a great group of musicians to work with. Welcome Tuatha Dea to Sound Biscuit. Pop on over to our “sponsors and friends” page and check out the Sound Biscuit’s website, sign up for their newsletter and more!

Project X!

As most already know, our 2019 season has come to an end so that we can take the time needed to create and write new music for everyone! Our massive gratitude goes out to everyone involved in our fundraising campaign to start us off on our creative path! It’s because of you ALL that we are able to make this happen. So thank you to our co-producers! Here we go folks!! It really is our Decade Down!

Welcoming in our NEW Bass Player!

Tuatha Dea has officially welcomed in our NEW Bass player JEREMIAH WALDO! The torch has been officially turned over from Tesea who will be missed immensely but has given her stamp of approval. And Jeremiah will carry on forward with us on our future shows. Stay tuned as we update more here on tuathadea.net and .com!


Tuatha Dea Project X Decade Down! Only 60 days to make it so! 
So…Click On It! Please!
2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Tuatha Dea and to celebrate we’re finally ready after 3 years to hit the studio again! 
We call the album Project X (X as in the Roman numeral 10). Mixing the old with the new, we’re set to create our most comprehensive and powerful effort to date! As independent musicians we need your support to help us co-produce this Album 10 years in the making!