Falling Down



“Danny Loves Becca and Visa Versa”

Tuatha Dea could be summarized as an unintentional experiment in musicality. When it all started there was no plan, no real direction and certainly only one potential goal. To do a thing together with friends and family and see where it led. So, it’s no surprise that the music has evolved dramatically over time. The first 3 albums fall under the “Harricharan Years”, (Yes Trevis again) when their recording efforts were mostly inhouse and the group was still stumbling along trying to learn their craft. In 2012 Tuatha Dea released their 2nd album, “Kith and Kin”. The band’s growth was obvious. Though still using only tribal drums, the groups more melodic side was beginning to show, and various talents were emerging from within the ranks of its members. There were more original pieces on this effort, among which was a duet between Danny and Rebecca wherein they pledged their everlasting love to one another. The chemistry was infectious and simply real, and the song became unexpectedly the most requested within their catalog at the time.  

To mark the evolution over the past 13 years, the band chose 3 songs representing their musical growth, each respectively from one of their first 3 albums. Hands down, “Falling Down” was the one to re-record from Kith and Kin.  

The structure of the piece maintains it’s original integrity. However, the addition of a fiddle break by Laura Smith and individual lead sections at it’s end from Dre Hilton (Piano), Jeremiah Waldo (Bass) and Adam Ogle (guitar) add new dynamics to its closing. 3-part harmonies in the Chorus’ and the addition of a drum kit add the final evolutionary touches to Tuatha Dea’s re-release of “Falling Down”! 

Falling Down
Written by Danny Mullikin
Sound Biscuit Publishing
Vocals: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
Vocals: Katherine Holman
Acoustic Guitar: Danny Mullikin
Electric Guitar: Adam Ogle
Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
Drums: Brett Maney
Piano: Dre Hilton
Fiddle: Laura Smith