Miss Me When I’m Gone



“Goin Out with a Bang!.”  

The Album Irish Eyes begins with Katherine Holman wailing the personal Tuatha Dea Rock Anthem “How I Roll” and as it draws to a close it seemed fitting that it should go out in similar fashion. Rebecca Mullikin takes the lead to belt out another raw Rock Anthem dedicated to the last 12 years of making music with the family! Lyrically, it’s a bit more ambiguous than its predecessor and geared instead toward the feel and vibe of creating and performing rather than life on the road. However, it’s raw tones, driving rhythms and powerful vocals are once again designed to be reminiscent of an earlier era in Rock and Roll.  

The song tells the tale of the bands basic desire to have effectively entertained, interacted and hopefully been of value on their musical adventure. It’s all about leaving something behind that wasn’t there before and leaving a mark and most importantly, together creating something lasting along the way. A fitting statement to mark the journey, the evolution and the legacy of the Tuatha Dea Family. “I’m Just Out here making memories so you’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone!” 

Miss Me When I’m Gone
Written by Danny Mullikin
Sound Biscuit Publishing
Vocals: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
Vocals: Katherine Holman
Acoustic Guitar: Danny Mullikin
Electric Guitar: Adam Ogle
Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
Drums: Brett Maney
Fiddle: Laura Smith