Somethin’ for Nothin’



“The Unhidden Hidden Track” or That’s a Swell Whistle Fella!””  

This is a unique little tune that initially was not intended for the album and not expected to be included. Unlike anything else created by the band to date, it’s a simple little duet created in a retro style indicative of a different musical era. Originally it was written by Danny as gift for Rebecca due to her love of classic musicals, old movies and all the magical classy things of the 50’s and 60’s. The simple little love song sang by the couple, took on new life and became a double duet with Katherine’s ethereal backing vocals and Chris’ …. Well, whistle. (Not A whistle. He actually whistles).  The song then found its way into Sound Biscuit Studios where it was an immediate hit with the producers. This inspired a last-minute recording session including Jeremiah Waldo accompanying on Bass and Dre Hilton tickling the ivories thus, completing the composition. It was planned as a hidden track to be added to the album without comment or notation but due to its popularity within the group and producers it became the first song scheduled for video. No point in hiding that. So, the band settled for making it the final track, marked by a dramatic pause and spacing at the conclusion of the album.  

It is a step back in time. A catchy love song with more than a hook or two. A clever pledge of hearts reminiscent of days gone by AND an extra little “Somethin For Nothin.” 

  • Somethin’ for Nothin’
  • Written by Danny Mullikin
  • Sound Biscuit Publishing
  • Vocals: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
  • Vocals: Danny Mullikin
  • Backing Vocals: Katherine Holman
  • Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
  • Whistle: Chris Bush
  • Piano: Dre Hilton