Take This Child



“Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom” AND “Where’s Waldo.”  

This specific Fiddle tune is a well known traditional Blue Grass Favorite known as “Blackberry Blossom” or “Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom” depending on which version. Also, it has been associated with more than a few Irish musicians. Look it up!  

The addition of the drums, pipes, acoustic and electric guitars and in particular the rather incredible and left field Drum and Bass solos by Brett Maney and Jerimiah Waldo respectively add a not so traditional and completely original aspect to the composition.  

The lyrics and vocals are completely original and presented by Danny Mullikin and the ladies of Tuatha Dea. The majority of the content was taken from actual phrases learned during childhood and adapted from the Southern dialog of his youth.  

So come on in and set a spell and give a listen to another TD concoction, “Take this Child to Raise”! 

Take This Child
Written by Danny Mullikin
Sound Biscuit Publishing
Vocals: Danny Mullikin
Harmonies: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
Harmonies: Katherine Holman
Electric Guitar: Danny Mullikin
Acoustic Guitar: Adam Ogle
Bag Pipes: Chris Bush
Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
Drums: Brett Maney
Fiddle: Laura Smith