Rebecca Holman Mullikin

Rebecca Mullikin’s powerful soulful vocals co-fronts Tuatha Dea as part of the Duo of sisters that epitomize the band’s Appalachian sound. Known for her energetic performance and sprite-like personality ” Becca Lou Who” hails from the mountains of North Carolina where she and her sisters grew up singing Bluegrass, Gospel and old country favorites with their mother. Becca fronts TD with grace and Southern Charm but beware… dynamite comes in small packages and this mountain girl knows how to Rock! One of the four founding members of Tuatha Dea legend tells she met her husband (Danny) by singing him up to a fireside on Grandfather Mountain on a misty night as depicted in the song “Kilt and Corsets”.

Band Contributions:

  • Lead Female Vocals
  • Djembe
  • Djuns
  • Tamborine
  • Anvil