Hard Rock Rising 2015


Earlier in March, Tuatha Dea performed in Hard Rock’s regional Battle of the Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge, TN. After hearing the performances of all bands who were invited to play, Tuatha Dea was unanimously voted to be the winner of the regional challenge!

So what does this mean?

On March 25th, Tuatha Dea will once again return to the Hard Rock Cafe in Pigeon Forge, TN for the final battle, facing the winners of the other regional contests. The winner will be considered for a development deal from Island Records and earn the chance to play for 60,000 fans in Barcelona, Spain. Come out and support the band, blow up their Facebook, and show the world why Tuatha Dea deserves to be crowned the victor!

For more details of Hard Rock Rising 2015, go to www.hardrockrising.com


2 Replies to “Hard Rock Rising 2015”

  1. You all rock, would love to see you live. I would highly recommend that you participate at Dell Fest in the future located in Cumberland Maryland. You would love this. The crowd would love you all too.

    1. Mark,

      Thanks for your support! Make sure to let the people with Dell Fest know that you want us there!

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