Irish Eyes

Introducing the much anticipated Album "Irish Eyes"

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Song Stories and Lyrics

The family of Tuatha Dea is proud and excited to be associated with Grammy nominated Sound Biscuit Productions and beyond thrilled to be announcing the release and presentation of IRISH EYES! It has been a distinct honor and privilege to work with Dave Maggard and Shane Reman at SOUND BISCUIT. We are so grateful for their dedication, professionalism and most importantly true friendship during the 2-year production of this, our most ambitious effort. Sound Biscuit has become a comfortable home away from home and we want to thank and congratulate Dave for weathering the storm of diversity that is Tuatha Dea and navigating our treacherous wake of eclecticism so effectively, patiently and cordially. This album is best described as Appalachian –Americana and it is without question, our grandest most wide–ranged work to date. From Straight up driving Rock to Appalachian Harmonic Tunes and Melodic Ballads to Celtic Anthems, Rhythmic Grooves and even Retro Ditties, it is a distinct mix of who we were in 2020 through 2021 channeled with love, diligence and patience through the heart and soul of Sound Biscuit.  Thank you, Dave, for allowing us to be part of the Sound Biscuit family and helping us realize our musical vision through Irish Eyes.  

How I Roll
Irish Eyes
Sky is Falling
Following Your Shadow
Sweet Little Sister
Falling Down
The Black Douglas
Long Way to the Top
Hypocritical Mass
Gone Gone Gone
Take This Child
Open Letter To You
Miss Me When I'm Gone
Somethin' for Nothin'