Sky is Falling

THE SKY IS FALLING (from the self-titled “Tuatha Dea” –  2010)


“The Chicken Little Song from TD’s first Ever Album”

In 2010 a group of friends and family who were getting together occasionally to drum and operating Facilitated Drum Circles (Under the name Tuatha Dea) decided to try their hand at something a bit more ambitious. Namely “Let’s make an album and play at the Pub”. Actually, it started the other way around with the Pub being the first step. Enter Trevis Harricharan. A man destined to play guitar for a period in the group as a full member AND the person responsible for talking the band into recording the self-titled first effort ingeniously called “Tuatha Dea”! Having formed organically and unintentionally (that means without thought), when the opportunity to record came along, the groups catalog was somewhat lacking. In fact, virtually non-existent. The original TD album was predominately comprised of only 4 original songs and the rest rhythmic versions of tossed together Celtic tunes. (VERY NON TRADITIONALLY).  

Over the years, certain basic tunes created in the band’s infancy grew and evolved in ways no one expected. From the very first effort a song that stood out was “The Sky is Falling”. Written by Danny in 1992 (yes …1992) to protest particular hypocrisies of the time it unfortunately became more relevant with the passing of years.  

That said, we are truly proud to re-introduce this re-invented version. Katherine’s smooth melodic voice replaces Danny’s in the original version and the song becomes more “fiddle-centric” in the absence of Brandon’s electric riffs. The addition of Jeremiah Waldo on bass and Brett Maney on the kit creates new excitement and added dimensions to this classic. We present the 30-year evolution of “The Sky is Falling”! 

The Sky is falling
Written by Danny Mullikin
Sound Biscuit Publishing
Vocals: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
Vocals: Katherine Holman
Acoustic Guitar: Danny Mullikin
Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
Drums: Brett Maney
Piano: Dre Hilton
Fiddle: Laura Smith