Sweet Little Sister



“The NOT from Personal Experience Tune …maybe …  Buwaahahahaha”

Ever so often it’s fun to step outside of the personal zone, get a little loose and creative and just write a bit of potential fantasy. Ok and maybe this one is a little dark too …but all in good fun. Sweet Little Sister takes you on a journey through the life of a sometimes sweet, slightly psychopathic, occasionally darling (depending on the mood and personality in control) Female Serial Killer. That’s right. Little Sister is certainly not the typical girl next door, but she is, after all, a product of her environment and they did have it coming … for the most part. So why not sing along as she takes out the bad boys and even worse men on her way to fulfillment and happiness! But just when things are going great …well, “Old habits are hard to break.”  

It’s Tuatha Dea’s very own, modern day “tongue in cheek” Appalachian Murder Ballad! That’s right! If it was good enough for Mavis Mcgee “aka Sheila McGregor” – (see family history) it’s good enough for TD. This song features 3 guitars in varied tunings to keep that Mountain groove alive and marks the recording debut of Ms. Sarah Faith, the daughter of former bassist Tesea Mullikin and the granddaughter of Danny and Rebecca! Told you it was a family thing. And speaking of family it should be noted that the tune is rather convincingly sang by Rebecca’s little Sister, Katherine. Might make one wonder about their own “Sweet Little Sister”. 

Sweet Little Sister
Written by Danny Mullikin
Sound Biscuit Publishing
Vocals: Rebecca Holman Mullikin
Vocals: Katherine Holman
Acoustic Guitar: Danny Mullikin
Acoustic Guitar: Adam Ogle
Acoustic Guitar: Sarah Faith Copeland
Bass: Jeremiah Waldo
Drums: Brett Maney
Piano: Dre Hilton
Violin: Chantal Haskell