Reclaiming His Name! April 6th! Stay tuned!

It is time! On Tartan Day April 6th, 2021 Tuatha Dea and Sound Biscuit Productions releases the Epic Celtic Rock Ballad “The Black Douglas” (aka Bravehearts) celebrating one of Scotland’s greatest heroes “Good Sir James Douglas” , known to his enemies as “The Black Douglas” and referenced as the most feared Knight in Scottish history! His story is the stuff of legend and more can be found on King Robert the Bruce’s right hand at the click of a mouse! This single from Tuatha Dea’s forthcoming NEW album, is the 2nd to be produced by Grammy nominated Sound Biscuit Studios and mastered by Grammy winning Paul Blakemore and is being released for airplay on National Tartan Day to commemorate Scotland’s Declaration of Independence and of course “Good Sir James”.Tuatha Dea is honored to present the amazing Cover Art associated with “The Douglas”! The beautiful artwork of Andrew Hillhouse is graciously provided with permission by and in association with and Tuatha Dea suggests you visit the website for an incredible visual journey through time. Additional graphics by our Dustin Wallace!Please be watching for the Official public release for download of “The Black Douglas” (aka Bravehearts) to be announced soon! Please feel free to share and notify your local stations and online stations of the forthcoming release and have them reach out to Sound Biscuit Studios ( ) or Tuatha Dea if interested in being part of this airwaves release!