Tesea Mullikin Dawson

Tesea Mullikin Dawson is one of the original four founding members of Tuatha Dea. The daughter of guitarist/hand drummer Danny Mullikin Tesea began as Tuatha Dea’s first flutist but quickly and easily took over as bassist with her distinctly melodic and original approach that keeps the band in the pocket and adds a unique spectrum to the creative musical flow. Combining diverse musical influences with a personal touch, Tesea’s style and energetic flair, in both writing and performing are the heart and soul of the foundation that drives Tuatha Dea and proof positive that nobody does it better than family.  And speaking of family, keep an eye out for the next generation … Tesea’s daughter Sarah has already appeared on stage with the band!

Band Contributions:

  • Bass Guitar
  • Djembe
  • Various percussion 
  • Flute
  • Keyboards