Katherine Holman

Katherine Holman’s sultry, melodic lead vocals adds the second layer and ups the ante of Tuatha Dea’s dynamic duo of front women. The younger of the two sisters brings her own special southern belle personality and unique flair to the band’s forefront. With a soaring yet emotional range she and her sister Rebecca compliment and contrast in perfect harmony the way only siblings can. Her energy and performance is non-stop on stage and entirely infectious! Kathy is best known within the band for having a southern accent that puts the rest of to the band to shame but when she sings … not a trace and just pure smooth perfection! She and Chris make up the second couple in the group.

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Band Contributions:

  • Lead Vocals
  • Djembe
  • Djuns
  • Various Hand Percussion

3 Replies to “Katherine Holman”

    1. We were in Fl. earlier this year and currently not scheduled until next Jan. However, please check out our dates on our “tour” page to stay updated on future shows. Thank you!

  1. Saw y’all today at the highland games in Hendersonville… loved your show!!! Very energetic, and your music was great!!! Hope to see you again soon

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