Thank you, Marc Gunn!

Recently we had the honor of being included in Marc Gunn’s Top 10 Celtic Bands of 2022! Coming in at number 4…

Top 10 Celtic Bands of 2022 – Marc Gunn

4. Tuatha Dea

Tuatha Dea is a little bit different than some of our other list-makers here. Think Appalachian/Celtic. Not quite sure what to make of that? You have to hear it to understand it! With the band’s Celtic heritage as an underpinning, this group takes Irish and Scottish music and makes their own blend of it with rock. Appalachian blues, and a sprinkling of mountain drumming. It completely unique and very compelling. The band’s name is actually an Old Irish phrase that means “children of the Gods”, which you may or may not already know.

There are so many surprises with this band—each track is different, and yet you always know it’s Tuatha Dea. The group is comprised mostly of family members (with a couple others sprinkled in) and they have a tight-knit sound. You’ll also hear all kinds of instruments make an appearance—from Native American flute, to guitar, to the didgeridoo, bagpipes, penny whistle, and more! The mash up works so well that it’s easy to fall in love with their sound.