“Long Black Curl” World Premier Video

Special thanks to Jesse Jones and NightSong Studio for making this happen! Now, the world premier of “Long Black Curl”, from Tuatha Dea’s latest album “Tufa Tales: Appalachian Fae”, available now for purchase in the OFFICIAL Music Store located above!

10 Replies to ““Long Black Curl” World Premier Video”

  1. Great music. Will commercial radio ever play it. I will have to return to your website to buy cd.

  2. Pack your bags and come to New England. Specifically Northwest Connecticut. Specifically the Infinity Theatre in Norfolk, CT. I bet there are a bunch of people around here that would love to see you live.

  3. I really enjoyed meeting y’all at the Central Kentucky Celtic Festival. Loved your live show. I hope our paths cross again soon.

    Bright Blessings,

    Roger Drawdy

  4. Great musicality – vocally and instrumentally. Nice how the video flowed through the song. I can’t wait for you to get back to Raleigh!

  5. I saw your video Long Black Curls and fell in love with the music. I would love to have a recorded copy, please let me know where I can purchase your music.

    1. Diana,

      You can find digital copies of “Long Black Curl” as well as all of our recorded catalog above in the Music Store!

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